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Handsome Audio New Products Page


  • Classic Passive Analog Tape Emulation in 500 series form factor.

  • Custom Handsome Audio input and output transformers (Designed by LMI).

  • Custom Handsome Audio knobs

  • Fully stepped controls using spring-loaded mechanical rotaries and a 4-position slide switch for flawless recall.

  • 3 classic tape machine circuits form the backbone of Zulu's ITD (Iterative Tone Design) which allows Zulu to emulate the behavior of numerous tape machines and tape formulas, even in combinations that are mechanically impossible ie: cassette tape on a 1/4"mastering 2 track machine. 

  • New Bias design and B control (Bright/Dark). An expanded take on Bias that allows for original behaviors and an expanded behavior dynamic that further exaggerates bass vs treble proportions. 

  • New Enhance design featuring 12 positions of harmonically excited dry vs wet. 

  • Updated Headroom control featuring 2 additional settings (LP - between Lo and Pro machine headroom and PH - between Pro and Hi machine headroom), further expanding the tone shaping and compression palette available. 

  • Tape Calibration on the front panel for ease of adjustment.

  • User-selected jumpers to adjust (Tape Opamp behavior (Vintage Vs Modern), Enhance scale (Original vs Gradual) and Calibration behavior (TK and EX). Default setting is the Original Zulu configuration.

  • Revolutionary modular Brass Knuckle connector, for ease of installation into 500 series chassis. 

  • Custom Handsome Audio Retro Thumbscrews

  • Handsome Audio Mousepad

  • All controls feature high-tolerance components for precise matching between units. 

  • Despite featuring completely passive circuits, Zulu only incurs 4.7db of signal loss! Easily offset by increasing input gain or digital makeup gain. 

  • Compatible with line-level analog signal and friendly to high input levels. 


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